For my first publishing project, I designed vector illustrations with simple shapes in Adobe Illustrator, then added paint textures in Photoshop. 

I'm not an illustrator, but I believe art can change lives, and sometimes it's the only way to help. When someone I know is suffering, I feel so helpless. Trapped on the sidelines with no meaningful way to aid their relief. I've spent enough time in hospitals to know that even recovery can be brutally hard. Genuine support is a precious gift.

My son's friend Scarlett was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor at only 4 years-old... an angel from a whole family of angels. I wanted so badly to contribute, but I suddenly moved to another city and the distance only made my helplessness worse.  

Scarlett dancing right before receiving her diagnosis

Scarlett dancing right before receiving her diagnosis

Brad Marianno found a way. He wrote a short story for Scarlett and asked me to create the illustrations. It revolves around Scarlett herself, in a charming fairy tale world. Brad built a clever narrative all about helping people big and small, with her favorite creatures, as "Do-Good Dragons".  

It was surprisingly easy. You don't need anyone's permission to publish a book! We polished the story and sketched out the illustrations for each page. But, I'm ashamed to say, it took me nearly six months to finish. Delay after delay, while I animated a whole season of a TV show. But when I was finally able to focus, it only took me a week to finish Scarlett's illustration. I've never published a book but I've wanted to since fourth grade. Now with on-demand publishing from, our project can be a real bedtime story in Scarlett's hands. As a bonus, Brad and Holly made a real-life phone for Scarlett just like the one in the story.

It's only a picture book. But during long days of illustrating and painting (with wonderful tips from artist Ryan Goldsberry), I felt helpful. I hoped Scarlett would read her book and feel that precious gift of genuine support. 

Fortunately Scarlett's tumor has nearly vanished with treatment and a few miracles. So we're selling the book to raise funds for her family and other children fighting cancer. Every cent goes straight to the cause, and we hope your family enjoys reading along and joining the "Do-Good Dragons". makes it easy to sell via their store, Amazon, and other retailers.

Please order your copy (or two!) and be a part of Scarlett's story. 


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