Sometimes you just want good advice from a trusted friend. Sean is that firend, especially if you're at all creative or self-employed. His now hugely popular podcast and video series (I prefer the podcast) are curriculum vitae for anyone hoping to improve their talents and profit from them. 

This month I’m obsessed with a podcast for creatives, by creatives – Sean McCabe’s "Seanwes" podcast came with perfect timing (thanks for sharing Adam!). I’ve been commuting on the train, my mind racing with questions about freelancing, collaborating, setting goals, and overall being a professional who does things right. That’s exactly the buffet of wisdom Sean offers bi-weekly, in a laid-back conversational two-man format that skips the gimmicks of noisier podcasts in favor of a more honest approach. It’s easy listening that makes you think, and I’ve been doing back-to-back episodes at my desk for the last few days because there’s so much goodness inside. Plus, he’s already been friendly and open with on Twitter – the world needs more Sean McCabes.

I really identify with Sean as a creative with a strong left brain too – and as someone with a variety of interests and talents who hopes to find a rich and healthy balance of fulfilling spinning plates. His main gig is hand lettering (and he’s stunning), but the knowledge he shares applies to any discipline from music to writing. The sound-bites keep coming, but more patient listeners are rewarded with the overall effects of stimulating business philosophy and conversation. The co-host Aaron is a nice foil to Sean’s serious, articulate tone and their mostly buttoned-up banter consistently addresses my current questions about building a rewarding creative career, so I can’t recommend it enough to creatives of any age. And you gotta respect the natural leadership that results from his craftsmanship – he’s even a few years younger than me.

At the core of the show’s intent is to generously give high-quality knowledge, to share in a spirit of learning and transparency. I can only return the favor by spreading the word.

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