Getting paid to travel the world. I love exploring new cities and cultures, and I’ve been fortunate to visit countries around the globe as a cinematographer. It’s so fun to combine work with pleasure to create travel videos, since my camera is usually running anyway. My travel portfolio has grown in recent years since I became the official photographer/videographer for Precoa, an insurance company who loves to travel as much as I do. Each trip is bigger than the last (our cruise group had over 300 guests), so I try to capture as much fun as possible. Then I create a custom souvenir DVD and distribute it to all the guests shortly after the trip. That way everyone can focus more on enjoying the trip, while I get all the right shots to help them remember it best.

It’s a fantastic way to work and a creative challenge too. There are so many subtle skills required – interacting with the travel companies; making the guests feel comfortable on camera; staying out of the way while getting the perfect shot; and shaping all the raw footage into a watchable story. In a way, travel videos are the most rewarding type of freelance project.

Here’s ten of my recent travel videos – I’ve made over fifty total. Don’t worry, I skipped the 2-hour dinner event videos. Keep in mind, these are not like my other work, which focuses on craftsmanship and imagination – these videos are all about the people and places we discovered, and telling those stories in a fun way to preserve our travel memories. We use DSLRs, a Glidecam, GoPros and simple stock music that fits the trip.  I can’t wait to see where my work takes me next.